Bus route changes

During the CTAB meeting last Tuesday, it was announced that the MMT’s proposal for the bus route change had been decided and of the two options presented, MMT decided on Option 1. One route on Nevada and the other, now will be moving to Weber.

The data for the decision has been requested. But when asked, the following was Craig Blewett’s response to the recommendations from MMT. 

 accepted Brian Vitulli’s recommendations as presented.
The recommendation and my decision are based on:
· The public comments received
· Transit objectives on how to best serve the community
· Facts
On balance, the Nevada/Weber option best meets these key criteria:
· Serving community transit needs
– Directness of route
– Reliability of service
– Access from residences and to destinations
– Maintaining the integrity of 15-minute service
· Sensitivity to neighborhood impacts
– Do not overly impact one street
– Distribute bus traffic to less-traveled streets
· Safety
– Pedestrian access to Steele Elementary School
The evaluation of success will be on-going.
Best regards, Craig Blewitt
Craig Blewitt, AICP
Transit Services Manager
Mountain Metropolitan Transit
City of Colorado Springs
(719) 385-5428

I think this leaves us all wondering how this could be the result, based on the numerous emails that were sent in by people in our neighborhood and by the riders, the people that spoke in the MMT meetings and by the survey that was run by the ONEN transit committee, all of which showed robust support for Option 2. The support for option one was by activists who neither live or use bus services through our neighborhood.

The mayor has already approved the change, but it will be brought up in City Council this Monday, Aug. 8th, for “recommendation” without a City Council vote. There is no option for the public to speak at this meeting.


One thought on “Bus route changes

  1. Donna Drialo

    Take the fight to social media. Facebook and Twitter. Invite all Colorado residents to Like your posts and follow your tweets. Remind them that our mayor has gubernatorial aspirations, therefore what he’s doing here should be of interest to all Colorado residents.
    We are the canary in the mine for a statewide Suthers administration.
    No more polite meetings, recommendations, discussions. This is Fight Club, take the gloves off and go for it.

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