There are many things you can do.  Fortunately, our city officials do listen to us.  So far, they have only been told that we all approve of the City plan to distort the proportion of traffic capacity through the neighborhood.  We need you to tell them that you don’t agree!

  1. Click this link to sign our petition.  If you don’t agree with us, please let us know why.  After you sign the petition, don’t stop there!
  2. Contact our city officials.  Send an email to city council.  Here’s what they need to know:
    1. Whether or not you agree with the ONEN Street Safety Plan, calling for a road map to returning the neighborhood to equity.  This plan permits the City to go ahead with modifications to Cascade for now, but asks for a road map to return our streets to equal treatment and to the historic distribution of traffic capacity.  We support the ONEN plan for reasons explained throughout our website.
    2. Whether your concerns were included in the public input process that produced the City Transportation Plan.  They can avoid having review by the City Planning Commission because they believe your voice was already heard!
    3. Direct them to our website!  We hope they will consider the concerns expressed here


Merv Bennett,
(719) 385-5469

Jill Gaebler,

President Pro-tem, District 5