For the past 120+ years, the burden of public transit was shared by streets other than Nevada, because of the disproportionate private transportation on our busiest road.  In January of 2016, the City contacted the ONEN board to inform them that they planned to increase the frequency of bus routes through ONE and simultaneously transfer them all to Nevada.  Without seeking consent from neighbors, the ONEN board replied with a letter that they cheerfully welcomed the transfer to Nevada with no conditions.  This agreement was a clear violation of the ONEN Master Plan, violating 5+ generations of historic precedent.  As a consolation, the ONEN board recommended that the City meet their Federally mandated responsibility to upgrade pedestrian infrastructure.  To this day, this request has been denied.  Whether the City even acknowledged the ONEN letter is not known.

After both bus lines were moved to Nevada, the adverse public reaction resulted in moving one bus line to Weber.  This resulted in a decrease in the noise from the buses, and was greatly appreciated.  However, the noise and danger was reduced by less than half (since many “Not In Service” buses still use Nevada as a cut-through), and the negative externalities associated with having a bus stop in front of one’s home have not been reduced.

The SOS Nevada group stands firmly with the unanimous consent of the ONEN board in requiring that the City move all bus lines off of our busiest and most dangerous street.  The ONEN Street Safety Plan (issued 2/2018) stipulates that the remaining bus line should be moved to Wahsatch in order to earn the endorsement of the City Transportation Plan of 1/2019.